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Taekwondo Houston

A great place of Taekwondo for kids and adults... taught by some of the best and nicest practitioners in the land. You'll love the hard work and camaraderie at the Houston Center for Taekwondo!

Chilee A.

Taekwondo Houston

Professional. Inspirational. Hospitable. These are the words that describe my daughter's experience at Houston Center for Taekwondo. My daughter has trained under Master Giambi for nearly 9 years. We are so grateful for the motivation and inspiration he has provided. He has helped our daughter realize her gift and to face challenges she had no idea she could conquer. Our daughter has overcome many obstacles - inside, as well as outside the competitive ring - due to Master Giambi's training which developed an inner strength she was unaware of possessing. We have followed Master Giambi from one location to another because of his expertise in the sport, the connection he makes with his students, as well as the values he instills in his students. Therefore, I do not mind driving 20.3 miles 3-4 times a week for her to train at The Houston Center for Taekwondo. It is a wonderful environment with people I consider to be a second family.

Ursula S.

Taekwondo Houston

This place is awesome, I improved my Taekwondo skills drastically within the year and I owe all of that to Master Gianni and Coach Victoria, thank you so much. Not only did I learn a lot this place is fun too and I made a lot of good friends. Anyone in the Houston area who is interested in the Martial Arts should come on over here because this place is great.

Edy L.

Taekwondo Houston

No question, this is one of the best taekwondo schools in the country. Master Gianni Giambi is a great Martial Artist and an outstanding person. The competition team is world class.

Pako P.

Taekwondo Houston

I am impressed with how great the owner Tiffany interacts with her clients she is so patient. This place is so great kids and adults love it! Try this place you won't regret it!!!

Allie C.

Taekwondo Houston

I am both a student and a parent of two students. From both perspectives, my experience has been excellent. As a student, HCT offers a challenging (physically and mentally) and varied workout with other adults with a wide range of physical capabilities and goals. As the parent of two students, I can speak to the firm but patient and personalized instruction that results in engaged children of all ages learning to love physical fitness in general and, specifically, the art of taekwondo.

Jennifer C.

Taekwondo Houston

We have been here for over 2 years, and they are simply the best!

George R.

Taekwondo Houston

I am both a student and the parent of a couple of kids at HTC, and I must say, my experience in both roles has been outstanding! As a student, I must say that the workouts are challenging, which I consider a good thing. The instructors push you to achieve your potential and get the most out of your workout, as well as the knowledge and skills you are gaining in Taekwondo. My flexibility and health has increased dramatically since starting, and it is all due to the intensity of the instructors and the passion that they have for the art.

My children have both benefitted from the program as well. They are being trained in a very professional manner by the instructors and even in bigger classes, the instruction still manages to be individualized so that each child can get as much out of the classes as possible. Both of my kids' self-confidence and self-discipline have grown by leaps and bounds.

After a year and a half in the program, one of my children decided to join the school's competition team. Since then, the changes I've seen in him are like night and day. He's grown up so much in such a short period of time! He is much more mature, self-confident and disciplined than when he joined the team less than a year ago. It's amazing to see really.

Everything in this review boils down to the fact that the instructors at this school truly care about their students, kids and adults alike. I did not have any experience with any other schools in the area, but I can say that I am thankful every day that this was the first school that we were lucky enough to join, because I really don't see how our experience could have been any better than at HCT!

Eric C.

Taekwondo Houston

A wonderful place for both Teakwondo and art class. My kids attending everyday and it is still hard for them to leave the place. They enjoy both classes so much. Highly recommended.

Sanaz B.

Taekwondo Houston

We are huge fans!! This place has excellent instruction and teaches my kids about so much more than taekwondo.

Katie W.

Taekwondo Houston

The best place in Houston to take Taekondo! Family owned and operated!

Candice C.

Taekwondo Houston

Awesome environment! Very positive atmosphere! My daughters and I love it! Very glad we found our taekwondo family!

Paul M.

Taekwondo Houston

According to me this is the best taekwondo school in houston and master gianni is the best master.

Asad I.

Taekwondo Houston

Great coach and just good people. I'd send my kids and students there.

John N.

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