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"to inspire youth to embrace diversity, culture, and education through sport"

Houston Center For Taekwondo

Houston Center for Taekwondo’s vision is to maintain and develop students who adhere to and maintain the five benefits of Tae Kwon Do: To train, monitor and maintain only the students who show respect for self, others and country and who show determination and discipline.

At Houston Center for Taekwondo, we believe that success breeds success. As such, we feel that Taekwondo training works best when implemented at an early age. The longer a student is involved in training, the more they can build on previous accomplishments. That journey begins here. Taekwondo can change one’s outlook on life as they develop their sense of value via accomplishments and learn the true meaning of commitment. We have often seen tears of joy in the eyes of parents upon witnessing their child’s accomplishments within the program.

We strive to teach genuinely and to the best of our ability, not only to improve others but to uphold the integrity of art. We welcome all levels of clients, from novices to elite-level athletes, regardless of experience level.

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A great place of Taekwondo for kids and adults... taught by some of the best and nicest practitioners in the land. You'll love the hard work and camaraderie at the Houston Center for Taekwondo!

Taekwondo Houston

Chilee A.

Professional. Inspirational. Hospitable. These are the words that describe my daughter's experience at Houston Center for Taekwondo. My daughter has trained under Master Giambi for nearly 9 years. We are so grateful for the motivation and inspiration he has provided. He has helped our daughter realize her gift and to face challenges she had no idea she could conquer. Our daughter has overcome many obstacles - inside, as well as outside the competitive ring - due to Master Giambi's training which developed an inner strength she was unaware of possessing. We have followed Master Giambi from one location to another because of his expertise in the sport, the connection he makes with his students, as well as the values he instills in his students. Therefore, I do not mind driving 20.3 miles 3-4 times a week for her to train at The Houston Center for Taekwondo. It is a wonderful environment with people I consider to be a second family.

Taekwondo Houston

Ursula S.

This place is awesome, I improved my Taekwondo skills drastically within the year and I owe all of that to Master Gianni and Coach Victoria, thank you so much. Not only did I learn a lot this place is fun too and I made a lot of good friends. Anyone in the Houston area who is interested in the Martial Arts should come on over here because this place is great.

Taekwondo Houston

Edy L.

No question, this is one of the best taekwondo schools in the country. Master Gianni Giambi is a great Martial Artist and an outstanding person. The competition team is world class.

Taekwondo Houston

Pako P.

I am impressed with how great the owner Tiffany interacts with her clients she is so patient. This place is so great kids and adults love it! Try this place you won't regret it!!!

Taekwondo Houston

Allie C.

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